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About us

Me,  …

Originally, just around the time of Velvet Revolution in Bohemia, I have obtained masters degree in economics, not being able to study my beloved interior design. Such subject, as far as I know, did not those days exist in our ‘red’ curriculum.

about usDuring one of my many inspirational visits to Provence in the South of France, I have met my dear future husband, whom I have - in the next 10 years - followed to the United Kingdom. Life here enforced my passion for all traditional design and love for classic interiors.

In 2001, when renovating our first home here: original Victorian Coach House in a beautiful costal town in Wales, I found my self very disappointed realising that most of the hand made traditional kitchens available on the market at the time, were made simply in shaker style, or perhaps in its slight modifications.

about usWith Shaker architecture basically non existent on the British islands, people looking for quality solid pieces of old fashioned joinery, which would in its detailing correspondent with the architectural style of their house, were let down.

I have started this company as purely a furniture business, when soon on demand redesigning some furniture classics into freestanding furniture suitable for kitchen.

Soon I realised, there was a huge gap on the market and the first stylish freestanding kitchen ranges were born. During that time, I have established strong partnerships with handful of carefully chosen workshops in Bohemia and Bohemian artists. Cooperating with them had given foundations to developing my own trademark painted finishes using our original Bohemian colours.

Today, I am designing or participating with my work on most of our projects ranging from small designs of individual pieces of furniture to large residential commissions, trying to focus more and more on designing complete interior schemes.

 … and the company.

Following long years of strictly fitted look the tradition of freestanding kitchen units is becoming again more and more fashionable.

jarmilapcawl_0098Our workshops, located in the heart of Bohemia, have long history in traditional kitchens and furniture making. The Bohemian Company kitchen designs are inspired by the traditional look and proven functionality of early 18th and 19th century kitchen.

Skills which have been passed through generations of craftsmen complemented by our signature colours and hand painting techniques are resulting under hands of our experienced company designers into our beloved unique trademark interiors.

Traditionally, freestanding kitchen is based around central worktable, with separate sink base unit, range cooker and freestanding storage larder or housekeepers cupboard. It is not unusual to mix & match different colours and wooden finishes within one room, or to complement already existing kitchen or dining room by one or more solitaire freestanding units.

colour-samplesYou may be pleased to find, that we have gone the extra mile and re-designed some of these traditional pieces to accommodate wide range of modern appliances. Complete world of the latest technologies is seamlessly hiding inside the most traditional looking furniture.

Wide selection of accessories is available and can be recommended as a part of our bespoke kitchen and furniture design service. Hand made Italian handles, large copper butler sinks, organic linen fabrics, traditional stone flooring – all carefully chosen to perfectly complement the design of the Bohemian furniture and kitchens completely built of solid woods.

We like to think, we are unrivalled on the market for combining these 3 major subjects: architectural features; freestanding kitchen furniture; bench-building to measure products purely of solid wood.

Prague, for centuries centre of truly Bohemian live, with its rich architecture was inspiration to numerous features of our collections and lent name to our most popular one; the Prague Kitchen Collection.

Bohemian style, as described in the recent book by E. Wilhide: Bohemian Style. ‘’… is style where more important than knowledge of design schools, is willingness to experiment and taste for vitality and self-expression’’. We believe that this bohemian approach can be found in all of our projects; where in creating our beautiful laid back family interiors ‘fussy and strict’ are giving a way to bohemian stylishness and comfort.

donna_cropped_resizedSome collections are featuring elaborate, in western world known as: Victorian or Regency detailing, some, like our Shaker kitchen collection, are defined by more sleek and elegant lines.

Our paint matching service may be useful to those who would like to have one of their units hand finished in one of established historical paint colours, already used elsewhere in their interior. This comes as an addition to our signature selection of original Bohemian colours.

And what the future holds?

Our creative director and founder, Jarmila Kotkova Williams, is already busy at work on crating new ranges of accessories. Hand made tiles and crockery which will complement our bohemian collections of cabinetry is already in the pipeline and will be presented here.

Vytvořilo Anawe