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How we work

How we work

On the Beginning …

jarmilafonmon_0252When you start contemplating having new piece of furniture of perhaps a complete kitchen makeover done, you may find useful to spend some time and browse through the various collections on offer, or choose to search by the type of product you are looking for. This could give you inspiration and basic idea about what we do and the possibility, that you may find right here the very product you are looking for. Please note, not all cabinetry has its dedicated collection. You may like to check our references page, to see what our past customers said about us.

… before you place the order

When starting to plan your project, one of the important questions is the deadline issue. Please allow up to 12 weeks for delivery, from the time your order is confirmed and deposit paid. However, for standard items and items in stock it could only take 2 – 4 weeks to deliver.

Things to Consider …

If you feel you have found THE product here on our website and would like to modify it slightly by changing colour or make some slight variation in size, this can be done free for you as part of our free bespoke service. Sometimes, complete freestanding kitchens or bedroom schemes can be put together this way.

jarmilapcawl__0160If your project is of a larger scale, or if you have completely new designs in mind it is time to use our design service to get help and advice it deserves. This service is quoted on case to case basis and price agreed in advance, depending on its complexity and taking travel expenses into account.

We like to offer first initial design meeting free of charge, only asking to cover our travel expenses. You will be able to see samples of materials we use, discuss your brief and probably get some better idea about the overall costs. You will probably know at that point, if we are the right company for you and want to take the project further.

Besides our original cabinetry designs, we can recommend and incorporate other products from our suppliers (flooring, tiles, lights etc.) to complement your scheme.

We can produce different level of project presentation. From simple and more cost effective pencil drawings and sketches to more elaborate 3D bespoke designs.


It is important you have clear idea about the limits of your budget. You can get very good picture about our pricing  levels from sample products on this website. More elaborate finishes will add to the cost, where simpler less labour intense may cut the initial price by as much as half.


We do not charge for slight variations in sizes.

It does not always apply, that double size item will cost double price.

Project management

jarmilapcawl__0009Some items will require our delivery crew to simply place them in situ for you in the room of your choice and help you to unwrap them. Usually we can dispose of the wrapping material for you. Other cabinetry may however need precise fitting and involves contribution of other tradesman (electricians, plumbers etc). We will offer to quote you for such work, but it is up to you to decide, whether you will use your local craftsmen or ours.

Colours on Offer …

Selection of our Original Bohemian paint finishes is offered as a standard, however, if required, we can use colour from another supplier (Paint & Paper Library, Fired Earth etc.).

From left to right:
Ivory, Red, Sage Green, White, Vintage Butter Cream, Vintage White
Butter Cream, Black, Walnut, Light Oak, Honey Pine, Antique Pine

Worktops to choose from …

We like to recommend stone, granite or marble worktops at least for the sink area, rather than wood, as they tend to perform better when around a water source. However, you will be presented with wide selection of different material worktops. Your choice will have major influence on the budget.


… before its delivered

Please take into consideration the access to your home before you place the order. Should one of our designers be visiting you as part of our design service, they can help to point your attention to this issue. Our furniture is of rigid nature, and comes therefore fully assembled (except for some large pieces and some worktops). However, should there be a need, we can build each piece to come in several parts and assemble it in situ.

Your Satisfaction

It is most important to us to secure your complete satisfaction. Rigorous quality checks are in place prior to your piece of cabinetry leaving the factory floor. We do our utmost to deliver your goods in perfect quality and as ordered. However, to cover you for the event of any fault occurring, we guarantee our workmanship on all our products. You may like to find further details in our Terms & Conditions.

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